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CLSRassessments.com, is the online assessment system for Career/LifeSkills Resources Inc. We are leading providers of the most widely cited, highly regarded, and innovative assessments and resources in the fields of career, life-skills and self-understanding/personal success.

We bring over 40 years experience in delivering the highest quality, most reliable and valid assessment instruments and support materials for personal, professional and organizational growth; materials that are critical for success, each carefully selected to best meet the needs of our clients and their clients or students.

We have an extensive list of satisfied clients in businesses and organizations of all sizes, federal and provincial governments, school boards, and colleges and universities, including psychologists, career and employment specialists, human resource consultants and organizational consultants.

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Our Mission Statement:

To provide the highest quality customer service experience while exceeding the needs of career, organizational development and human resource specialists around the globe.

We are your personal, professional and organizational development specialists.


Who may purchase assessments?

clsrassessments.com supports the guidelines and standards on the development and use of testing materials developed jointly by the American Psychological Association, the Canadian Psychological Association and the National Council on Measurement in Education. Thus, certain tests are available only to users who have appropriate training and credentials and who adhere to the principles of proper test use in psychological and educational testing, including the knowledge of tests, administration and interpretation and their limitations.

Appropriate, ethical use of testing tools requires general knowledge of tests and their applications and limitations. It is strongly recommended that all test users using a test for the first time be thoroughly familiar with the manual and have the opportunity to use the test they’ve chosen in a supervised field setting. It is also essential that all purchasers of testing materials understand that "the ultimate responsibility for appropriate test use lies with the test user" (Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, APA, 1985, p.41).


Personality Dimensions®

In accordance with the guidelines and standards noted above, you must have completed a 3-Day Personality Dimensions® certification program or equivalent to purchase, administer and interpret Personality Dimensions(PD)-Online™ Profile, PD-Online™ Professional, or PD-Online™ Wellness assessments. Other assessments such as Career Dimensions Online™, Retirement Dimensions Online™, Values &Skills Action Planner and the Skills & Values Report may be purchased and administered by those not certified in Personality Dimensions®.